2023 Top Solar Contractors Awardee!

Charleston, South Carolina, July 3, 2023 — With the United States receiving significant federal support of
solar and storage in the Inflation Reduction Act, excitement for the technologies is growing at a record
pace. Solar developers, installers and contractors are capitalizing on the moment by building more
substantial projects across the country. The SELSCO was recognized for its increased effort to expand the
U.S. market by taking a top spot on the 2023 Top Solar Contractors List, released last week by Solar
Power World.

The Top Solar Contractors List is developed each year by industry magazine Solar Power World to honor
the work of solar installers in the United States. Solar firms in the utility, commercial and residential
markets are ranked by the number of kilowatts they installed in the previous year. Companies are
grouped and listed by specific services, markets and states. The SELSCO ranked nationally on Overall
kW’s Installed Residentially and for Solar with Storage. Locally we made the lists’ for Top Ten Residential
Installers in South Carolina and North Carolina.

“Renewable energy accounts for a quarter of U.S. electrical generation, now far exceeding electricity
produced by burning coal,” said Kelsey Misbrener, managing editor of Solar Power World. “Solar power is
an important member of that renewable makeup, and companies on the Top Solar Contractors List are
all contributing to our country’s shift to cleaner electricity. We are honored to recognize them each year
for their necessary work putting green kilowatts on roofs, over parking lots, in desert locations and
across water reservoirs. Every project is making a difference.”

The United States reported its strongest first-quarter ever in Q1 2023 for solar panels installed, and
industry analysts expect the solar market to triple in size over the next five years. The industry will stay
busy, and companies on the Top Solar Contractors List will be the ones with their boots on the ground —
or roof. We are changing the solar energy game by merging energy efficiency and energy production.
We are centered around helping achieve the maximum Return on Investment by focusing on solutions
that involve reducing overall energy consumption. Then we are able to provide a smaller, more
affordable Solar System to offset remaining electrical usage.

Sustainable Energy & Lighting Solutions is in the business of providing energy solutions to the residents
of South Carolina and North Carolina. Our company has installed 1,550 kW of solar power in 2022. Since
its founding in 2015, our company has installed 5,529 kW of solar. They are a veteran owned and
operated solar and L.E.D lighting company serving the Carolinas since 2015. We take a unique approach
that first involves lowering overall energy consumption, then using solar panels to offset remaining
electric usage, resulting in significant savings for the homeowners we serve.

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