Commercial Solar Financing

Commercial Solar Financing

Financing options for solar panels

There are a variety of financing options to choose from - learn more about them below.

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Commercial Solar Impacts
Your Bottom Line

The SELSCO offers significant benefits for your business and its bottom line. When you use solar power, you gain more control over your energy costs and you aren’t as reliant to variable, and sometimes erratic energy hikes. Over time, the savings you enjoy are considerable. In addition, you may be eligible for tax benefits and savings.

We work closely with state and local programs to offer our clients the best rates possible to finance their system. At The SELSCO, we also work with local credit unions and banks who have an interest in helping businesses go green.

Our financing experts help to find the most competitive financing or payment solutions for your project. Once we assess your energy needs, we’ll work to find the most cost-conscious financial options.

Local, State, & Federal Commercial Financing Options

Commercial properties, like residential ones, are eligible to receive the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). It is currently at 26% credit when you make the switch to solar power.

The ITC has been extended until 2022, but time is running out. The tax credit program is a dollar-for-dollar decrease in your business’s federal government return.

Incentives for Commercial Solar

Many areas offer utility rebates and incentives for businesses that switch to solar power. One of our advisors is available to help you with current information about solar financing and incentives.

Purchase Commercial Solar in Cash

You can also choose to purchase your solar power system by paying for it outright. Once purchased, by using it, you get the same federal and state power installation incentives.

Benefits of Purchasing Solar Using Cash

  • Faster and quicker installation process.
  • Avoid interest rate charges.
  • Faster savings recognition.

If you want to save money, a cash purchase is an excellent way to go. But if you do not wish to use capital you may or may not have available, then financing is still an excellent option.