Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial Solar Installation

Rooftop Commercial
Solar Power

Your roof is your first line of defense against the weather, and when you add commercial solar panels, you transform it into a fully functioning electric generator.

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Benefits of Commercial Solar Rooftop Application

The SELSCO commercial solar system uses reflective technology (when appropriate) to increase PV cell energy production and get the highest overall rates.

  • We deliver through design the highest energy production per square foot with the Lowest Levelized Energy Cost (LEC).
  • PV racking is used to improve the longevity of the system, and is designed to withstand high winds.
  • DC to AC inversion is distributed to decrease DC line loss while improving the production of AC power.

Ground-Mounted Commercial Solar Power

If there is not enough space on your roof but you have acreage attached, then a ground-mounted system is a viable alternative. A ground mount can be installed for the best energy generation, and the panels are also easily accessible for maintenance.

Benefits of a Ground-Mounted Commercial Solar System

We offer earth-moving and civil engineering capabilities, which opens up the potential for you to get the maximum energy base.

  • We conduct a ground compaction test and push/pull test for project protocol.
  • Photovoltaic designs are made to maximize the production of solar energy according to per acre availability.
  • A geological survey is done for a baseline of design.
  • The racking systems are custom designed to address any geological or geographical issues.
  • Ballasted, pole-mounted, and combined hybrid designs are available.

Commercial Solar
Panel Carports

If you don’t have acreage and a rooftop is not appropriate, then you can use carport commercial solar panels. That way, a parking lot can be used for more than parking; it can generate electric energy while providing shade and covering for your workers and customers.

solar panel carport

Benefits of Commercial Solar Carport Application

  • We offer energy-efficient lighting packages to use at night.
  • We design, frame, and lay out the electrical system.
  • We offer a certified and engineered geotechnical final electrical approved plan.
  • The racking systems are custom designed to address any geological or geographical issues.
  • We also offer customizable designs for any space.