Commercial Solar Our Process

Commercial Solar: Our Process

What To Expect


When you fill out your free energy analysis form, you’ll be able to choose the most convenient day and time for us to visit your property.


During your scheduled property visit we’ll determine if you will benefit from solar energy, as well as the best panels to maximize your install.


Our certified team will install your custom solar panels on the scheduled date/time of your choosing.


Each of our panels comes with an extended 25-year warranty, as well as a 10-year workmanship warranty.

Your future is brighter with us!

When you call The SELSCO for a free energy analysis, we know you'll love what we have to offer. From start to finish we make the whole process easy. Our installation process is smart, efficient, and precise. We configure your solar panels to maximize space with no need for construction or modification of your roof. Rest assured, our mission is to provide the highest-quality service, without any hiccups, on time and on budget.

If you are considering switching to solar power for your business but aren’t yet convinced, it is important to consider all the benefits that it affords. Your will have more control over the amount of money you pay for energy, and you will make an excellent “eco-friendly” impression on your employees and customers.

Are You Ready To Own Solar?
Get A Customized Quote.

When you decide that going solar is the right choice, The SELSCO will provide you with a customized quote that will address your energy needs. Our trained professionals will also work to maximize your cost savings and find the best solar panel financing options available to you. We’ll work closely to find the most cost-effective solutions for your business' energy needs and to increase your overall savings.If you are ready to save money, be more eco-conscious by leaving a lesser carbon footprint, and join the many business owners who are enjoying all the advantages of solar power, contact us today and let’s get started.