Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial Solar Panels

Why Commercial Solar Systems are a Good Investment

A commercial solar system is a wise investment for your business. By investing in solar power, you will have more control over your energy consumption and your energy bill. It is also a way to override economic changes that can lead to energy hikes putting a significant dent in your bottom line. From tax credits to energy savings, it is a cost-effective switch to make.

Commercial solar panels are placed on the roof of your building or the ground of your property. They work by generating energy for your business, and they run flawlessly, only requiring minimal attention.

The SELSCO is a full-service solar provider who does it all; including coordinating all aspects of procurement, permitting, design, construction, and energizing the system. For all these steps, there is only one company to hire.

commercial solar panels

Our goal is to maximize your savings and credits

Your solar panels begin to pay for themselves from the first day of operation. Additional savings may be realized when you combine potential tax credits, grants, and utility rebates. For most companies, the system can be paid off in as little as five to eight years.