Is Solar Right for me?

Is Solar Right for Me?

Solar panels are designed post-build to retrofit a home’s layout to maximize space without the need for rearrangement and construction. Our installation process is smart, efficient, and precise.

You need to take into account things like location and configuration, and whether it is a cost-effective solution for your energy source.
These are four major factors to consider when deciding.

Our installation process is smart, efficient, and precise. We configure your solar panels to maximize space with no need for construction or modification of your roof. Below are the factors to consider when deciding if solar is right for you.

Your Energy Habits

When it comes to configuring solar energy, first you have to know what your energy consumption currently is. The amount that you use will determine what size system you require, as well as the cost of installation. If your energy is low, the savings from solar energy might not be enough to warrant solar power installation investment costs. However, if you have mid to high energy consumption, then it is a cost-conscious investment that will pay off in the long term.

Your Location

Solar panels work nearly anywhere they are installed, but they tend to work best in places where you get a lot of natural sunlight. Not all regions or areas get the same amount of sunlight throughout the day or during various seasons. It is a good idea to investigate what the average number of sunny days are so you can reasonably estimate your level of productivity.

Your Home’s Configuration

The way that your roof line falls can impact whether solar panels are possible. If the pitch of your roof isn’t conducive to installation, then your backyard might be an option, but only if there is enough space and sunlight. Look at things like, which direction your roof slants and the shape and style of your roof. Those variables will determine how the solar panels are mounted and the number of panels that will be used. You will likely need to generate the amount of energy that you consume.

The Size of Your Roof

In general, the bigger the surface you have for installation, the more power you will generate. If you have a smaller roof, solar panels might be within your budget, but the surface area might not be big enough to accommodate your needs.

Are Ground Mount Systems Possible?

If your roof doesn’t face the right direction or the size is too small to accommodate enough panels, then it is possible to install backyard panels. Our solar panel installation experts will come up with the perfect solutions for your home or business.

Backyard panels can be mounted in a simple frame or on a pole, but you are required to have:

  • A large enough space.
  • No obstructions, such as landscaping or trees, that would limit sunlight exposure.
  • Protected areas where the panels won’t get damaged.

Your Constraints

The next step is to decipher what your constraints are. There are many financing options available that will help to decrease your out-of-pocket investment. Most solar panels will come with a 25-year warranty, so the cost of installation is a one-time investment. If your roof is already nearing the end of its lifespan, then you might want to consider replacing your roof first.