Solar is rapidly growing across the globe. Thanks to new technologies now making this sustainable superpower increasingly reliable and affordable, more businesses and homes across the U.S. are switching to solar power than ever before. Turn your bills into savings and increase the value of your property or facility with Solar PV Systems from Sustainable Energy & Lighting Solutions.

Solar tax credit extended to 2021. This year will be the last year you can deduct 30% on your solar installation for the 2019 tax season. Each coming year the incentive will drop until it reaches 10% in 2022. Learn how you can act now to save big on your solar before time runs out.

*state tax incentives vary from state to state

Sara Matasci Article, Solar Tax Credit – ITC for 2018, published March 6, 2018, digital photograph, Energy Sage News, accessed 8 February 2019 <>

Sara Matasci Article, Solar Tax Credit – ITC for 2018, published March 6, 2018, digital photograph, Energy Sage News, accessed 8 February 2019 <>

Is Solar Power the right choice for you? Solar Power can help your business or family start saving right away on monthly energy bills. Our team of professionals will perform a full audit of your current energy usage and determine ideal panel locations for your home or building. With you every step of the way, we will help you decide the solar energy options that best fit your needs, as well as your budget. Businesses that switch to solar have seen a return one investment in as little as 18 months after interconnection. Homeowners enjoy the added value a solar system adds to their home, while still saving each month on high energy bills.



As easy as 1, 2, 3… Quote, Build, Save. An educated customer is the best customer. We spend the time to explain all the details on how solar can benefit you.

  • Our professionals will create a customized solution unique to your home’s energy needs

  • Pricing that is transparent and among the most competitive in the industry

  • Our Turnkey installs are only done by certified and trained employees

  • We are with you every step of the way to ensure your continued satisfaction

You’ll be saving with solar in no time!



Big Energy Bills? Turn them into savings with our top of the line Solar PV Systems. Government incentives and rapid ROI are only a few of the reasons solar is a great investment for commercial and industrial buildings or projects. Our experts will analyze every aspect of your past energy use to give you a detailed assessment of your needs and future savings based of your current energy consumption. Companies are global leaders in helping create a cleaner future for our planet. Increase the value of your property and say goodbye to energy bills with Solar from Sustainable Energy & Lighting Solutions.

Solar Panels

Large Scale

Got Land? You’ve got the power with our Large Scale Solar projects. Turn your unused property into passive monthly income while helping balance your local power grid. Our expert team of analysts can help you determine if your unused land is suitable for solar and provide you with the financial tools you need to get started on your project today.