Solar Energy Benefits

Advantages of Solar Energy

Reduce energy dependence. Lower your carbon footprint. Save money. Learn how solar panels can benefit you!

Begin Reducing Your Electricity Bill From the Start

Solar power panels are undoubtedly the best way to reduce your energy dependence and consumption. Depending on the size and scope of the system, your energy bills will start decreasing from day one and a large enough system can start to generate more electricity than you can use. By installing solar panels, you can instantly save money, and the savings continue to grow from month to month.

A Clean Source of Energy

Solar panels are not just a way to reduce your energy costs; they work by converting carbon-free and sustainable energy for their lifespan.

Even if your designed system doesn’t work to produce 100% of your energy requirements, you can significantly decrease your outside energy needs and own the power for yourself.

Qualify for Federal Tax Credits

Due to energy regulations, by installing solar panels homeowners are eligible for as much as 26% of their costs returned via a tax credit.

The government is encouraging homeowners to increase their eco-responsibility by helping to bring down the initial cost of installing solar systems to residential homes.

Going Solar is More
Affordable Than You Think

Due to technological advances in the solar industry, the cost of installation and purchasing solar systems has significantly decreased. Solar energy also requires very little maintenance cost over its lifespan.

There are also power savings plans that help by requiring no money down and up to 100% financing for homeowners who qualify. That means that you can afford to cut your energy costs for the long term.

Latest Solar Technology

Today's solar technology is not what it used to be. Solar cells and panel systems work not only to increase aesthetic appeal, but also to save you money and reduce your energy dependence.

You can count on The SELSCO to power your home efficiently and effectively. Check out all the latest advances that we offer homeowners today!

Protect Your Home & Family from Unpredictable Energy Costs

Utility costs can fluctuate from time to time, for no real reason at all. That means homeowners find themselves dependent on renting energy from power companies who have their own bottom line in mind.

Since 2000, Americans have seen a nearly 60% rise in energy rates, which can severely impact your financial situation. Utility rates are forecasted to continue rising steadily in the future, as billions of dollars are allocated to cleaning up coal ash residuals. That cost will be put upon the average utility payer.

You can protect yourself against economic forces for power by owning your own energy source via solar power systems, and never find yourself beholden to paying someone else for something that can be harvested for free. Click here to find out all about our solar power systems.

Return on Your Investment

Sure, installing solar panels costs money, but don’t think of it as an expense; consider it an investment for your future. When you invest in solar systems, the rate of return for your initial costs is anywhere from six to eight years.

The longer you have them, the more you will recoup. And when you add in incentives like tax credits, you aren’t spending money, you are saving it. Should you ever sell your home, you will also recoup your investment.

Renewable Energy at Your Fingertips

As long as the sun is operational, so are your solar plans. Solar panels work by harvesting energy from the sun and converting it for home use. It is not only a consistent source of power; even on cloudy days, it is clean energy that contains no carbon, unlike energy that comes from power companies.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends that homeowners invest in solar power as the leading renewable energy source to reduce greenhouse gases and to lower our collective carbon footprint for generations to come.

Solar Systems Make You Eco-Conscious

If you are concerned about the state of the earth for future generations, investing in solar systems is an excellent way to do your part. Solar power is a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

And it is also a consistent and reliable source. As mentioned, it doesn’t pollute our earth by increasing greenhouse gases, like carbon-based energy.

Able to Fuel Off-the-Grid Homes

Another advantage to solar power is that it can reach off-the-grid locations as a viable source of energy. For areas where no power cables exist, solar power is an effective solution.

So if you are ready to build in a remote location where the supply of energy via a third party is either too expensive or not possible, solar power makes it possible to stay “connected.”

The Ultimate Goal-Energy Independence

As long as people are beholden to third-party energy sources, significant changes will not happen to our environment or our collective attitudes about eco-conscious steps.

If we want to stop renting energy and polluting the environment, it takes an individual to take personal steps to create massive change throughout the globe. So going green isn’t just a good idea — it is an obligation that we all have.

Going Solar is Simple!

Everything from financing to installation to design is easier than you think. Thanks to the government’s assistance programs like tax incentives, and financing options like no money down and 100% financing, solar panels can be yours without hardship.