Solar Is Rapidly Advancing Across South Carolina!

Septmeber 2022
By Sustainable Energy & Lighting Solutions

The commitment to sustainability can be seen in almost every county in South Carolina.  From upstate, down to the low country one thing is for certain, the Palmetto State is “all in” on Renewable Energy. The combination of technology, availability, 

inflation rates, and natural disaster are creating the need for people to take control of their own energy needs.

Currently, Furman University in Greenville has the largest solar installation on a college campus in South Carolina. 

Its 2,994 soalr panels, is a 743 kW array on six acres was completed in 2017.  The University will be carbon neutral by

2026 and receiving returns on the $1.7 million investment estimated by 2024.  

Orangeburg will only enjoy this number one spot until the completion of this upcoming solar farm project on a 2,000 

acre timber tract in rural Georgetown County.  The Lambertown community will be the largest in the state 

with 600,000 panels generating 200 megawatts of electricity.  The designated planning commission is still 

reviewing plans as of August 2022, more details to come.

For the largest solar farm in the state, just look to Orangeburg County where the $90 million Bowman Facility is constructed on 600 acres, it produces 106 megawatts, which is enough power for 15,000 homes.  Previously, Colleton county’s 10,010 photovoltaic (PV) panels, located on 15 acres of former farmland adjacent to Interstate 95 near Walterboro.  At peak generation, the 3-megawatt complex produces enough electricity to power more than 250 average sized homes.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you of the state wide commitment to sustainable energy in South Carolina,

another development has been proposed for Dorchester County.  A ground mount solar array in the historic Ashley River

district will be built on a property along Ashley River Road at the Watson Hill site.  Plans have been sent to Dorchester

County Council for discussion and review.

     When you see or hear about another green energy development happening so closes to home, its a gentle reminder to take action now to help the environment.  Rest assured that you don’t have to own a large tract of land to benefit from the power 

of solar energy.  Get in on the green energy revolution with a solar company you can trust.  Contact us for a solar 

panel installation across the Carolina’s.