Is Solar Energy Really that Great, Let’s Get Real!

If Solar is so great, why are there so many complaints?

In recent news reporting around the Carolinas, there have been many unhappy customers who claimed they had been misled about their bills, the performance of solar panels and the companies who pushed them into signing contracts.  We are ready to debunk many of the myths and flat out lies other companies may have perpetrated over the years.  While not all solar industry and unfortunately some are incompetent with aggressive tactics, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your due diligence when choosing to go green.  Let’s explore a list of things you should know about solar panel sales and installation companies in the Carolinas.

Solar panels are not free

Despite what you’d like to believe from a pushy salesperson who tells you their company would liek to rent your roof space and will install panels for free is lying.  Free isn’t free.  There is always an exhange of goods or services for the “free” panel installations, which is usually your binding signature on a decades-long, difficult to cancel agreement for that company to make money from your home while you literally carry the weight of the panels.

Solar panels will not pay for themselves

If you’re installing solar panels for the sole purposes of getting rid of your electric bill, you will likely be disappointed.  Sometimes solar systems function at top capacity and in perfect conditinos, such as having enough panels to generate your entire electric usage with ample back up battery storage, then maybe your utility bill will magically disappear.  However, if you install solar panels becuase you are environmentally conscious and want to ensure that your family will not be entirely dependent on the utility company and its vulnerability and volatile price hikes, then yes, your solar panels will pay you back with peace of mind.  Over the years, much like your mortgage, your solar panel loan will be paid off and the panels will continue to generate power for your essential needs for years to come.  Further, if your professional tax advisor applies the appropriate federal and state tax credits that you may be eligible for (all tax situations are different), then that’s even better news.

You must sign today, right now, one time only!

Chances are you have received many offers in the mail, email, on tv, at trade shows and other events.  If you have, then you know that as a consumer you have the prerogative to pump the brakes because that offer will probably sill be there in a week or a month from now when you have the time to make a more informed decision.  And you should be a well-informed consumer, after all, it is your money being spent.  If you feel pressured by door-to-door salespeople, close the door.  If you are being harassed by pushy phone sales, add yourself to the do-not-call list and block the number.  Aggressive emails? Delete them.  As responsible adults, we must wade through a barrage of misinformation and make decisions on a daily basis.  It is your responsibility to research any company from which you intend to make a purchase, large or small.

While solar energy is sustainable, most companies are not

There are many fly by night “companies in the green energy industry, from sales to firms to installers and every stop in between.  Due diligence can be your key to a successful outcome.  How many years has the company been in business?  Do they have their own sales staff/installation crew, or are they subcontractors?  What is their track record, are they local and can they provide quality references?  If you aren’t asking these questions up front you might be setting yourself up for a disappointing experience.  Some companies, such as Pink Energy, Vivant and SunRun, which were mentioned in a Live 5 Low Country newscast featruing solar customer complaints, outsource their salesforce.  This misalignment betweeen who sells and who installs and maintains your system is more than problematic.  In some cases, it’s downright negligent.  Mismanaged solar companies go bankrupt and disappear as fast as new ones pop up onto the scene, just like poorly run restaurants or car dealerships.  There is no one industry that is immune from bad actors.

Let Sustainable Energy & Lighting Solutions guide you through the process of going green from start to finish.  From our knowledgeable sales staff to our in-house installation crew and beyond to our customer after care,  monitoring and referral program, we are your comprehensive solution for a sustainable future.  

Please contact us, are we waiting to answer your questions truthfully and if you choose us,

we will approach your project with our veteran owned integrity from start to finish.