“These 7 States Have the Best Tax Incentives for Solar Panels”

“We’re living in the gold rush of renewable energy tax incentives. There has never been more money available than there is now to help make your home more sustainable — especially if you want to put solar panels on your roof…”

What is EV Charging?

     EV chargers, aka Electric Vehicle Chargers, are used to charge both fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Just like gassing up at a pump, EV chargers “fill up” or charge your electrical battery from an outlet, like any other device you plug into your standard wall outlet at home.       It really… Continue reading What is EV Charging?

The Research & Development of Domestic Solar Power

Here’s why we support research & development of Domestic Solar Panels…      According to a recent Solar Power World article, consumer demand is surging for solar power in the United States, and with higher domestic production of CdTe photovoltaics, a type of thin-film solar cell made from a combination of cadmium, tellurium and other… Continue reading The Research & Development of Domestic Solar Power

We are proud members of the South Carolina Solar Council!

     As we look forward to another successful year in sustainable energy, we are proud to be part of the South Carolina Solar Council.  Connecting with colleagues, innovators and market analysts is beneficial to our company to stay informed and relevant in a rapidly changing industry. The council is made up of members who… Continue reading We are proud members of the South Carolina Solar Council!

Dominion Energy, South Carolina Contractor Recognition PY11 – 2021

[pdf-embedder url=”https://www.theselsco.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Contractor-Recognition-Announcement-5.17.22-3.pdf” title=”Contractor Recognition Announcement 5.17.22″]

The “Game Changer”!

Enphase Energy’s iq8 Microinverter   Enphase is the pioneer of the IQ 8 Microinverter that unlocks the future of energy today.   This tiny device is a “plug and play device that transforms photons, quantum particles of light, as in direct currents (DC) are generated by a single solar module to alternating current (AC)”¹.  Attached… Continue reading The “Game Changer”!

Five Reasons to Add Solar Panels to Your Home

As the world begins to return to some semblance of normalcy, many are wondering what lasting effect it will have on our psyche and our economic standing. As gas prices start to inch up, forecasts are that our energy costs will soon be on the rise as well. If you have been considering the prospects… Continue reading Five Reasons to Add Solar Panels to Your Home

Not All Solar Panel Installers are the Same – 5 Reasons to Choose SELSCO

According to statistics, installing solar panels will save you an average of about $1500 a year in energy costs.