We are proud members of the South Carolina Solar Council!

     As we look forward to another successful year in sustainable energy, we are proud to be part of the South Carolina Solar Council.  Connecting with colleagues, innovators and market analysts is beneficial to our company to stay informed and relevant in a rapidly changing industry. The council is made up of members who are experts in their field and share a great number of ideas and resources at the quarterly meetings.  

     Representatives from the Operations Department and Marketing Team at the SELSCO were in attendance at the last meeting held in November of 2022 to learn about Duke Energy’s updates for net metering.  Presenters included Jason Dohman from Greentech Finance who broke down the financial markets and impacts on the solar industry, as well as Stacey Washington, Senior Program Manager from the South Carolina Energy Office to analyze data on sustainable energy usage throughout the state.  A round table discussion of members allowed a free flow of ideas, predictions and reflection on our ever-changing renewable industry with a sense of purpose and pride.  

     As we enter 2023, the SELSCO is determined to lead the way as solar installation experts in the Carolinas!