Why the power outage in NC is scary…for all of us

Duke Energy electrician investigates Attack on Moore County's Electric!
REUTERS/Jonathan Drake

     The power grid in the United States is vulnerable.  That is a fact.  There is no denying it, and we cannot look away from what happened in Moore County NC at 7pm on Saturday, December 3rd.  Two Duke Energy substations were vandalized with firearms.  Sheriff Fields stated in an interview, “intentional impact was found on the substation, damaging multiple pieces of equipment in the substation.”   45,000 residents remain without power to their homes, have no heat or way of cooking and most importantly no way to power necessary medical devices.  Schools and local businesses have been closed and NC remains in a state of emergency. This horrific event should scare all of us across the grid. 

   If and when criminals attack our utility substations, we will not be able to access money, power our appliances or life-dependent medical devices.  There is a solution, and it is sustainable energy.  With backup power storage and a solar array with off-grid capabilities, your home is its own power plant.  Contact us for the best solar solution in the Carolinas: Sustainable Energy and Lighting Solutions.


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