The Research & Development of Domestic Solar Power

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Here's why we support research & development of Domestic Solar Panels...

     According to a recent Solar Power World article, consumer demand is surging for solar power in the United States, and with higher domestic production of CdTe photovoltaics, a type of thin-film solar cell made from a combination of cadmium, tellurium and other materials, the issue of affordability and accessibility will soon be a thing of the past.


     CdTe cells offer several advantages over traditional silicon-based solar cells, including lower production costs and higher efficiency. Ramping up solar panel production in the United States is imperative to deliver consumers an alternative to Chinese manufactured silicon panels.  To avoid supply chain issues and reduce China’s influence over the solar PV industry in the U.S., we need to study and develop the CdTe solar cells here at home, and fast. 


     The Cadmium Telluride Accelerator Consortium (CTAC), a group of research teams, universities and companies, is working to accelerate the development of domestically manufactured CdTe solar cells. The consortium, funded by the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Office, has been focused on CdTe photovoltaics.


   At Sustainable Energy and Lighting Solutions, we believe research and development for new clean energy technology should be led by domestic partnerships between responsible companies, educational institutions and the government to advance solar solutions for Americans as well as global consumers.


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