You Can’t use a CPAP Machine if the power is out!

...or can you?

     If you are dependent on the use of a life-saving CPAP machine while you sleep, then you should be thinking about a backup power source. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices send a stream of air that is always set to the same pressure level and obstructive sleep apnea patients cannot live without it.

     According to the sleep foundation, there are more than 8 million CPAP users in the United States, and their essential machines need to be hooked up to a continuous supply of power. This is because virtually all CPAPs rely on plug-in electricity versus their own internal batteries. Nearly all devices on the market run off 120-volt outlets, and machines that come with a humidifier may use as much as 90 watts.  During a power outage, some of which may last for days in severe weather, your machine’s internal battery will not receive a charge.

Can you power your CPAP machine at night with solar power?

     Yes!  With whole home solar and backup power from a Generac generator tied to your solar system, you no longer need to be energy dependent. If you have ever considered installing solar panels on your home, there has never been a better time to act and ensure your medical devices function when the power grid fails.   To determine how many watts of solar you’ll need for your CPAP machine, contact us for an evaluation of your home energy needs.


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